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Gold Graded Funding For Your Deals

Why Liquid Gold Deal Funding?

Liquid Gold Deal Funding is a private money lending company located in Sacramento, CA that specializes in funding real estate investments. 

We are experts at finding solutions for people who are in the market to buy or sell their investment properties. Our diverse team has experience with all types of property funding scenarios, and we understand how to make every lending transaction simple and stress free. 

We are confident that we have something to meet the needs of every real estate investor. We are also well versed in different types of private money funding and are certain that we can find a win-win solution for every borrower, whether it be a fix and flip, rental property, or cash refinancing opportunity.

Our Team

With a wealth of experience in funding real estate investments under our belts, our team and network of real estate experts have handled some of the most unique real estate transactions on the market today. 

Whether you’re looking to fund your next fix and flip, rental property, or refinance an existing investment property, our goal is to find a solution that works for you. We approach every private money lending opportunity with the utmost professionalism and care. We are dedicated to closing your transaction quickly so that you can focus on profits and cash flow.

    Sheldon Alexander


    Sheldon is a marketing and sales expert, and the founder of Liquid Gold Deal Funding. Throughout his career, he has serviced customers through discovering their goals and challenges to then provide the right solution(s).

    He enjoys building relationships with his clients and offering innovative ways to enhance their experience. Sheldon believes in working hard and being dedicated to your craft. He shows integrity, is transparent when presenting his solutions, and treats people with respect and courtesy. 

What Makes Us Different

We embrace technology because it streamlines our real estate lending services. This allows us to provide you the capital for your next project with ease. We use a state-of-the-art business management system, keeping our business extremely efficient. This means we’re able to spend less time shuffling paperwork and more time finding the private money package for you.

We Are a Private Money Lending Company

Our mission is to provide the capital you need to fund your next deal while offering you competitive rates. Our company underwrites your property investment opportunities and provides consultation on how to maximize profits and cash flow. 

We will not act as an institutional bank that lends you money for your fix and flips and rental deals. We are a part of your journey to building wealth for yourself and your inner circle. That’s what brings us excitement. If you have additional questions on our services please contact us through the form below (or call us at 877-273-6487 ext. 102) and submit your details. We look forward to speaking with you.

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Liquid Gold Deal Funding

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